Sustainable Repurposing- The Garden Edition

This year with more and more people embracing the no-mow wild garden and other eco-friendly tips and tricks, we decided to share our favourite functional repurposed items that have been saved from landfill to breathe a new lease of life into the garden. 

1. The Calf Feeder Planter
Practical, pretty and fit-for-purpose. This old calf feeder/ drinker converted perfectly into a planter once lined with wrap to cover the cracks and supported to the railing by a thin plank for extra grip. 

2. Breezy Breezeblock Bed
Have you got breezeblocks lying around after a build? Are you wanting to build a raised bed? Why not kill two birds with one stone so to speak and use the handy design of the blocks to create a neat individually-sectioned perimeter to your raised bed that allows for easy separation of your different plants. Add in a wall trellis for taller plants at the back and you’re good to go. 

Stop pesky pets digging up the soil by adding in a chicken wire fence and use an old baby gate for easy (human!) access. 

3. Palette Perfection
Can you get your hands on old palettes? Yes, there’s lots you can do with palettes to create garden furniture but we’re loving this clever wall-hanging planter. The natural lateral planks in palettes are ample for suspending pots. By simply repositioning the planks you can create a planter for the top and mid panels. Add a lick of wood stain and your old palettes have been glammed for long-lasting palette planter perfection. 

4. Oh, How the Tables Have Turned
Old tabletops can make for a quick, low-effort, low-maintenance solution to making an aesthetically pleasing and practical raised bed. 

5. Spot the Revamp

There’s a lot going on here thanks to this farmer’s nifty repurposing knack. Firstly, a spare water trough makes for easy watering for your veggie garden if you are so lucky to have one lying around. You may also be able to spot the old windows used for protecting plants from night-time frost. 

Secondly, worn down tyres (car/ preferably tractor) make for excellent raised beds that keep the bugs at bay. They can be painted for extra garden glam if you have the time.

Lastly, this chicken coop was quickly constructed by repurposing a dilapidated garden shed. Once, we cleared out the shelves, added in a few poles, an old press for a roost and a cut out a hatch in the back for our free-range hens it was good to go. We haven’t heard any complaints yet!

Have you got any sustainable garden hacks? We’d love to see them. Tag us @ofnireland and we’ll happily feature them on our social stories. 

[Credits: pictures 2,,3,4 by Megan Lynch]