Food Hubs Network

If you’re interested in or working with a local Food Hub why not join our Food Hubs Network, which we established as part of our Climate Action and Local Food (CALF) project.

The Food Hubs Network is a community of practice for existing and aspiring Community Food Hubs across the Island, as well as their stakeholders and supporters.

All involved and interested in the topic are very welcome to join!

We use this network to share relevant information and resources to support the work and development of Food Hubs in Ireland. From time to time we will host gatherings, online or in person, where we can share updates and learning with the wider membership.

We believe in the power of community and the strength to be found in peer to peer learning and connection. At OFN we will work to encourage and facilitate that connection wherever we can.


Contact us at to find out more, sign up to our Slack channel and mailing list below.

We are also part of the all-Ireland Feeding Ourselves Network – a community of practice for a resilient and fair local food economy. This brings together agroecological farmers, land workers, environmental advocates, researchers, and organisations involved in short-food-supply chains, cooperatives, and community food initiatives. It is a forum to imagine and take action for a future where farmers earn a fair living and everyone enjoys access to healthy, nutritious, and locally sourced food.

To sign up to the Feeding Ourselves bulletin click here.