Community Food Hubs

Community Food Hubs are a key opportunity for us to rebuild our local food system by working together in our communities – bringing producers and eaters together in a fair and collaborative way that works to make quality local food available to all at a fair price. Community Food Hubs could be described as centres of expertise and advocacy for the local food system, encompassing a variety of initiatives such as community growing, education and training, community kitchens, emergency food support held together by an online farmers market. They are typically social enterprises, driven by a mission to support sustainable, accessible local food systems, and are inclusive centres of community activity.

CASE STUDIES (more coming soon)

Food Hubs come in many forms and you can take a look at some of the existing Community Food Hubs in a little more detail below. We have interviewed and visited these Hubs and the insights from their teams and founders are gathered here in the hope that they can inspire and inform similar great initiatives in communities nationwide.

The Local Green Box Cavan

Established in 2020 this Food Hub in Cavan has established itself as the go-to location for local food in the area. But it hasn’t been easy. Read Imelda’s story.